Saturday, 18 July 2009

Home,where i belong

There are times,u want to be by ur mum's side watching her cooking and next to ur dad while he is watching his favourite show.There are times when u miss going out with ur mum despite shopping with her and talking to ur dad while he is driving.There are times,u knock their door late at nite to sleep in their room.There are times,u miss someone badly to hug and kiss goodnite.There are times,while u r on the bed,u will hear some voice asking u to wake up to have breakfast together.There are times,when u have big fight with the boyfriend,u need someone to talk to besides ur best friends.There are times,when u being futsal enthusiastic,ur dad becomes ur best supporter and coach.There are times,which u only left few ringgit in the pocket to shop,u will ring ur dad pursuading him to give u some money.There are times,ur phone will keep on ringing when u r outside late nite asking u when will u be home?There are times,u utterly upset and devastated,which u need place to shelter,who will u turn to?


Home where the heart is,where everything is so comfortable and u know u cannot compare it elsewhere.I miss being with Papa & Mama.Its been a year.Even we connected everyday,it will not be the same.U wont find the greatest love from anyone than dad and mum.Love is so subjective.The justification of love will not be the same.I dont feel like giving some space for anyone to fit in.Tak sama:(