Sunday, 5 July 2009

Hello Trisha!

L-R:Ain,Trisha,Alisha and Along :0

"Hello lil niece!Atuk cik told me u have been reading Along's blog yea?Heeee..So cute!Time flies and u,alisha,marsha have grown up.Atok cik ckp u asked Mama what Along said in the blog.Next time Along update u ok.Nothing much but i do miss u girls!"

Btw, had short chit chat with Papa and Mama today.Papa told me,my niece,Trisha has been reading my blog.Omg.She is just 9 years old and can u imagine how sophisticated the kiddies nowadays.Aha.Oh well,The weather is really bad today.No way of enjoying the sunshine.Now i am locked in the room hiding under the duvet.Weekend is sooo borings.


Congrats Sabby for getting engaged with her bf.She proved to everyone that LDR is simple although distance may be really matters.The purplish kurung and white dais super!So happy for u sabby!Pic taken from facebook.


Sabby said...

aww thank u babe!:) i hope ure around in dec to come to the wedding...balikla baliklaa..ehe