Sunday, 18 October 2009

Belated celeb

We decided to dine in at Salamanca for Els' belated birthday dinner.It has been 3 weeks since her birthday and we havent got time to celebrate her.So yesterday,Mary booked the place and bought yummy strawberry cheese cake for Els.Poor els.She was injured after playing karting few days back.Thank god tak patah ok!Fuuh.Had fab time gelak-gelak,makan-makan,teasing each other(likewise),cam whoring & surprised Els with the cake.Els was touched:) Im instantly loved the food and cake.Haish,habis la diet!

But i guess its worth.(I have to fast for a week then!)

Happy 16th again Alyani.Ok,+8=24.

Akma,Waed & Mary


we had coffee and heading home.Sorry girls couldnt join the pok-pek session.

Anyways,I miss to hang out with the girlfriends back in Malaysia.I miss to have a dinner & catching up with them.We usually do it every weekend and it has been a year.A year okkkk?Imagine how tons of rindu im having now!Takkk suka.Umi is going back to Malaysia for summer hols.Jealous:(

Clearly,I miss home.I miss to have all my friends around and not to mention family:(.I havent decided whats my next plan.Papa has given another chance for me to pursue ACCA instead of masters.I thought of going home and start my career.I can't stand homesick.Had enough of being apart from loved ones.