Thursday, 29 October 2009

The Irony of Love Life

Different human being has different kind of love story.As i was talking to Serene on the phone just now,she told me that "serious relationship is like investing yourself into something".You invest everything from the top to toe & your inner.Its not just trading your heart but everything in you.Your future life and family.It feels so much better feeling all these tingly feelings after you’ve fallen in love.

Love life effect your entire self.Some people changed to good things and some may not.It depends how healthy is the relationship.Relationship is built with trust and how you want to make it happen.Both are working towards good things to maintain the relationship.There’s no point being egoistic and cold-hearted, because you could’ve made such a nice memories and if you have to fight for your love,than fight for it.

You never know when you’re going to lose a person. And if you do lose your loved ones one day, at least you’re confident that they went knowing they’re loved, and you’re confident that you did everything you had to do when they were alive. Otherwise, the guilt will haunt you forever, and by then, there’s nothing you can do.

What I have learned from my past,its not easy to fall in love and get into relationship.The relationship I had before was the longest I ever had.We grew up from I-have-no-idea what is love to Yes-I-love-so-much.From adressing I- You to a proper one,from talking about silly things,we talked more on serious matter and the most was introducing to both families,extended to be precised.We shared lots of things and we have planned ahead for our future.

We were young when we were in love.Young love birds are so inmatured.Well thosedays.To be honest,to keep and maintain such a long term relationship is really tough.Its either u ended marrying the same person or you cease the relationship.After all,Allah has good plan for us.If Allah took our happiness in the relationship,He'll direct us to good things in future.I believed in Qada and Qadar.Allah is fair to hambanya.

However,the happiness I had for the years (quite long time) dissolved.One day I was happily in love and the next day I lost him.I didnt mean to blame him for everything but we both made a mistake in our life.It was the hardest part in my life to adapt everything.I didnt manage to adapt and i have gone through vulnerable things in my life.My memories couldnt be erased.

Life required you to adapt and face the real fact upon you.I learned alot from my past and yes,Love is investing your life.Once its broken,it will effect entirely.I have to get up from my big fall and walk as usual.Although its hard,this is life!Whenever you feel like life sucks, think again. Look around and you’ll see something that shines in your life.


D.A.M.S.E.L said...

nice entry.
teruskan hidup walaupun cinta kita indah atau tak.
Allah always beside us.
take care beb.