Tuesday, 27 October 2009



Too bad.I still had fever,cough and runny nose.Tired of blowing every min.Pale and my nose is so red.The weather is still freezing outside.Can I fast forward the time?Mama will be here next friday not this friday.I need her special care and i wish Papa is here too next friday.Sheeesshhh.This is the time I miss Papa and Mama's presence when im sick.

Back then,Papa took a good care of me when im sick.He worried too much than mom.He served me with panadol while mom will cooked me porridge.Basically both of them treated me like a princess.Well i received more special treat when im sick.I can demand anything.Even I'll ring my aunt to buy me nuggets only from Mcd when im sick.Everyone starts to worry when I had long extended fever.I usually admitted into hospital.Tragic isn't it?

Papa rang me this morn.He heard my "sengau"voice.He was in hurry because he had world conference today at Shangri-La today until end of this week.He asked me to get all sorts of medicine and makesure im all covered.I shall ring him back by tonite if im still in pain.Sigh.I miss him sgt-sgt.I miss papa sangattt.Words cannot express my feelings now.I really need my family.Everything is so dearest back home.

Nooooo,I need papa so much.I know he will comfort me and mama will always next to him.All i need is THEM.To this extend,can i request to go home?

This song really captured me this morn while checking my inbox.This song is about a guy who convinced a girl who he really loves .As cliche as it sounds, the only thing we can hold on to is trust and love.Frankly,I don't like to promise because i might break it.I believed relationship built with sincere heart.Good things last forever.