Monday, 5 October 2009


Tragically I was stucked at Immigrations Office to re-new my visa since 6.45 am.I woke up around 5,took quick shower,rushed to the office and the que was exessive long.So I qued right behind with all the immigrants.I felt like bangla waiting(I didnt mean to insult).I realised how pity those immigrants back in Malaysia when they que to re-new their visa. Around 8.00 am I got my number which was 240.Gosh.The officer asked me to come back at 10 am.Then I went to Ivy to get some rest while waiting for my turn.Luckily Mary cooked me keropok lekor and Els tagged along soon after.At 3.30 pm sharp,everything sorted.

It has been tiring and hectic day.Alhamdulillah,my visa has been extended and now im legal Irish citizen..Haha.Lols.The visa was expired 5 days back.Thank god the college letter was issued earlier but the bank statement took a while.Macam-macam ok.Well,I can't wait to go for hols.Off to Milan on 21st then London again with Mum on 8th November.I haven't decided yet to do my masters or pursuing ACCA next february.still in consideration to choose either one.Papa wants me to do masters because he thinks I can lecture while Mama wants me to do my ACCA.Thats hard to decide though!

Despite all that,Bun and Els finally came back after 2 and half weeks of holidays.Balik raya la katakan!Bun has a new hair cut and Els put some colours.Both beraya sakan.Im so excited to get my kuih telinga keling and keropok from Els.Thanks girls.After done with visa application,I went back to Ivy to catch up with the girls.Long catching up.Boo.Everyone has been talking about wedding.Im stress now.

Off to bed.I really need to qada' my sleep.Sorry it wasn't too tragic to re-new the visa because its a must.exaggerating lebih!



D.A.M.S.E.L said...

suka baca ur blog ;)

Akmaelinda said...

oh thanks Damsel.
I'll link urs to mine ok?

yuyu aziz said...

yayangs, i notice dat awak punye past few posts pasal weding kawan2.. awak tak lame jugak kot...

ps: lagi 4 days jek lagi, his family datang my place... how i wish awak kat sini ;(((

Akmaelinda said...

hahha.awak ni lawak la.saya sedih tak dpt attend big day.well,congrats in advance yayangs.insyaAllah saya balik mase awakk dot dot.i miss u yayangs!