Saturday, 3 October 2009


It was freaking freezing on my way back from Anna's place for open house.I have been eating voraciously but I managed to control it since my baju kurung quite small.Hahaha;p

Yeay!another new blogger!My bestie,Aysha finally created her blog after ages!Boo.Incase u come across this yang,I miss u dearly sgt sgt.Thanks for putting up our pictures.Its an honoured to have such a wonderful friend like u.Ok,i kipas nie!

p/s:I loved ur baju kurung pls.


My close-not-by blood-brother got married.Im glad he found his life partner.To Salihin and Shakey,Congratulation on ur wedding.Sorry i couldnt be there to celebrate both of you and miss the chance to eye-ing on cute guys!Cis;p

Fate has brought them together.Who would expect,Salihin and Shakey will ended together.They were only friends who occasionally meet during UMNO's meeting.After what both of them went through before,they fall for each other.Salihin told me,"There will be one day,one person at one time and become your one and only".

Salihin was my senior back in Uitm literally.We found out that we lived in the same housing area.Small world indeed.We often catching up at mamaks now and then.He is like my own brother who i always referred to while Shakey happened to be Ambee and Zeileen's friend.We were connected through UMNO.Now, 2 hearts join in one ceremony.The solemnization held at Shakey's place yesterday.Syukur,Alhamdulillah.

Pic taken from their E-day.