Friday, 9 October 2009


Shocked,Paranoid and I am Dead.My dad ultimately registered on facebook and he just added me today.I didn't bother to check friends request this morn and straight away checked my inbox.He sent me a msg-"Hi,U ddk LEP ke?"Im likeeeeeee whattttttttttttttt on earth he's doing!!Is that papa?Panic.I didn't know whether should i approve him in my list of friends.I don't mind to have cousins and uncle in my list because they know my usual things.

I feel insecure to have dad in my list where everything will reveal especially my unhealthy stuff.He knows i have blog where he seldomly reads.So I prefer to keep my private life secret.Oh well,not that i didn't tell them every single thing i did but there are things u won't tell ur own mum and dad don't u?

Needless to say,I approved his request.I better be proper and well behave in the facebook.Papa is a wonderful man in my life.I cannot ignore the request just because im scared he will figures out bad things i did.After all,im not that bad though!Ok,may be a little.No,really,Im fine to have dad in my list of friends except ;

I need to be more appropriate when scribbing status and comments or else my dad will ended asking me tons of questions(why,when,what).Despite all that,I have to enter proper adulthood.growing up.I probably need to improve how i communicate with friends.I shall abstain myself from using;

"tak larat please.."


Ok,atleast slowing down abit.Hehe;p

Presenting daddy who has facebook account.Please don't tag any pictures yg merepek.I will ended asnwering his questions;p

Toodles ♥


QilahLala said...

whats up uncle!! yo yo! welcome to facebook hehe best la ur dad darl!

afandiyusof said...


Akmaelinda said...

dear,habis la dad dah ader fb.smua secrets i reveal!

fandi,huhuhu means gelakkk kannn i ok!

yuyu aziz said...

yayang, saya tulis kat wall awak your unhealthy activities can? hahahahhah love u!

Akmaelinda said...

awak jgn cr pasal.hahaha.
saya rinduuuuuuuuuuu-an.