Saturday, 3 October 2009

Rock Kapak

Im not rock kapak's fan honestly.I never karaoke back in Malaysia..I usually sit and enjoyed looking at friends melalak.Frankly.I listened to those rock kapak songs as I grew up with uncles who loved those back in their era (90s).

and today,

I have sung the song above at NMS for the very 1st time eventhough its not my favourite.Apparently the girl inside the video is my long lost friend zaza whom i know through yuyu 9 years ago.Seriously,I sang like mad.Btw,My favourite girls band back in 90s was Feminin.I even formed group consist of my primary school friends (Fairuz,Sabrina,Haikal,Shahida and I).We won 1st place during the talent time.Gosh.How time flies.

p/s:Rock Kapak not just for mat rempits ok!