Friday, 23 October 2009


The trip with Elina was entirely awesome although we didn't travel with a style.Mostly we spent on sight seeing and few shopping.I mean we shopped necessarily.I tried to inject Elina to buy Gucci & LV but this girl is so down-to-earth.Oh girl,u should reward urself after received the award(1st in Ireland for paper p5,ACCA).


We went up and down throughout the trip.The weather was chilly when we arrived and we took million of pictures at Duomo.Everything was perfect until around 4 pm.It was heavy rain and 2 of us had to use umbrella.Yes I'm upset but luckily we managed to stroll around Milan with the umbrella.Besides that,the transportation also very cheap.We bought 3 euros day tix where u can travel within 24 hours by their metro & bus!

The food was yummehhh!Its finger licking good and cheap but every restaurant we went to,charged us 2euros per person for service charge!Thats cruel isn't it?Instantly loved the pizza,pasta and gelatino(ice cream).Food sgtlah super fantastic.According to the travel guide,the coffee marv but hell no.Butler's coffee way way better ok!One thing i fancy most was,the cigarettes way to cheap.Dublin cost double ok:p

We managed to cover few places.The architecture also amazing.Basically Milan is not that big city but due to the weather,we couldnt finish everything.We didnt manage to visit the museums tho.Mostly we took pictures with monument.Later that night after had dinner,we went to our hostel but we wasn't lucky enough.The hostel was overbooked.They replaced us 3 *** Hotel which cost more.Luckily the management promised to pay the rest.So yeay!We were lucky to get double bed with own bathroom.

The trip as a whole was enjoyable.Elina and I managed to compromise everything.2 of us enjoyed the trip so much.Ultimately,its dangerous to travel in Italy kalu all girls because there were lots of pick pockets.Innitially we supposed to go with Amy but due to her masters work load,she cancelled.Well,i guess we will go again with her & tasha.Even better if we can shop those big labels.Dream on!

Im on medication now.Had fever since got back from Milan."Haaaa choooo MMMMMM".Excuse my grammatically error.I am really weak at the mo.More pictures in the facebook.



at the airport before we left Milan.Choowww Milan!

Mayorca Hotel

Dinner at Pizzeria

Stop over to taste the desert infront of biggest castle

Cruzzio Castle if im not mistaken

Brunch at Mercurio Bar

Duomo,the main attraction of Milan

Next destination will be Venice,Pisa,Florence.Ok bye la kan!