Friday, 10 July 2009

She is coming!

Fiza will be arriving in Dublin at 1015pm tomorrow.Cantttttttt wait to hug her kuat-kuat.Ok,she claimed nak hugs me konon-nyer.Omgggg.Can't believe she'll be here until 13th july.After almost a year,we finally back together.I have jot plan for her and spend this whole precious 3 days with mak cik fiza.Likewise,im gonna bring her touring Dublin,shopping for her wedding stuff and bonding session(a must) plus skype-ing with Nor,dinner with Acap and any of her friends.I wish u r Nor is here with us.I can confirm three of us will be the bonzai!I love u Nor & Fiza!


Cousin of mine,uploaded raya pictures of my dearly nieces and nephews in facebook.All of them no longer babies!I miss the powerpuff girls.Imagine,my lil nephew Diniz plays golf and became handsome boy.Alisha & Trisha swim alot.The girls bole form one cheerleaders team.Gerams pls.Adorable sgt.I miss to be called Along.I nak baby,relevant tak if i want to kidnap irish baby?Lols.Crazyyy!

Above L-R:Marsha & Dafina
Below L-R:Diniz,Alisha,Khadeja & Trisha
Missing there:Farah,Shafiq

Alaaaaaaa..I wanna go home now.

Havent had my breakfast yet.Have to catch with Mama in a while.Till then lovies!May today brings Rahmat because its Friday.