Friday, 31 July 2009

The journey of scrapbook

It has been an ages since i do scrap book.Im still envy with Liyana's scrap book though!Hers is way way lawa with the material she bought in Spore!Oh well,after lil while of planning,i finally have the guts to start my scrapbook project.Basically the scrapbook is about my journey of life since i left home w/o mama&papa and my loving gorj friends,place i have visited and people i miss most and friends who i spend most of the time:)

To be honest it cost me a bomb to buy the materials and details especially the stickers.I tot of getting printer to print the pictures!Expensiveeeee okaay!Still,im dying to buy Laura Ashley's papers yg lawa pls!I might have to save more to buy the materials needed to make it sweet and compile it nicely:)

Cant wait to put my hand on the book.Black book la kan!Happy Friday everyone!Im having a bbq this weekend.Another fats consumed in my body.Below is my current pic with dry and messy hair.I havent shower yet!Snif snifffffffffff;P

Akma jealous with Umi because she got Blackberry and LV from her look-a-like BF!Joms skype lagi okkk dear:)