Saturday, 1 August 2009

Food of love.

Posers Saturday with very nice weather.Yeaaaa right!Was sunny then rainy then sunny.Pfft,tak happening pls!Had girls day out with Bun and Mary smp sakit kaki plus sakit pocket.Huhu.While waiting for Mary and Bun sorted their things,I was amazingly spent 1 and half hour in Chapters.I became jakun a while inside the bookshop.I found new place to kill my boredom.Free readings with lotsa books.I bought 4 books ok!Then we had late lunch at Yamamori.I ate twice Yama this week(habis diet i!).Later jln2 shop and crappy among us,i accidentally bought Paul Smith perfume which was influenced by Mary(Sorry Ma,u mmg penyebab utama).This week, i wasted 2 dresses,1 legging and yada2.We ended the day out at Butlers having coffee.Ok tue jer!Unintentionally to tell what i bought but i seriously have no point to jot in my blog.Currently listening "Damai Yang Hilang" while get some mood to start reading.I'll be starting to read Food of Love.I want Mamaaaaaa so much.Tak suka over rindu.

Mak cik Geek tapi tak;p


waed said...

ehhh bukann
lo la kan mk cik vogehhh!

Akmaelinda said...

u bum bum and mary kak NAM.

waed said...

at lest tade mk cik dhadapan

The So-called Singer said...

makcik, i tak paham la. macam mane u boleh 'accidently' beli paul smith's perfume? accident mcm mane tu? LOL