Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Lucky number 9 but not to me!My landlord sent an sms saying he gotta remove my bed and replace it with single bed.Gosh.Sakiiiiit nye hati!For almost a year I tdo on the double bed all alone and now im going to sleep on single bed for the resttttttttttttt of years to come if im gonna stay in the same house.Hahaha;p.So good bye comfy bed,a place i golek-golek everyday and hello new single bed.P/S:susah la nak buat sleepover after this.

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I have been searching the best skincare product since my skin became a bit dry.Fyi,i've been using Clean & Clear since 10 years old and Loreal too.Recently,I changed to Nivea but still,my skin doesnt show any diff.I tried Clinique before but it didnt work on my face.So today,i decided to go Biotherm counter and they did skin test.My skin is actually dehydrated due to unhealthy lifestyle and need more water.I bought the trial pack to see the result in few weeks.Hopefully ok la kan so I can stick to one facial product till the end.


Yeay!My fedex package has already posted.Mom rang me this morn and she said everything has been sent except the cream lace baju raya(which tak siap) as well as Johnson&Johnson lotion due to limited kgs.Gosh,I have been waiting for the lotion since August because i seriously rely on that!Lotion kat sini tak mosturize ok!Oh yea,i had buffet at Full House for berbuka just now.Im stuffed with lotsa food.Seriously full to the max.Shall sleep and wake for sahur.

Good nite lovies.
9/9/9 is so over rated!


yuyu aziz said...

yayang!!! i baru beli that biotherm aqua 2 weeks back sbb SA tu kate my skin dry... and now, i ade 8 jerawat kot!!!!! so not gonna use it anymore ok???

Akmaelinda said...

for real.ill kill org yg kat counter tue.hahaha.they said dehydrated because smoking kot.gosh.kena quittt asap!lols.

i miss u.

Akmaelinda said...
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Akmaelinda said...
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waed said...

hahahah kene tuka katil???

Akmaelinda said...

ye bun,i kena tukar katil because the double bed belong to previous tenant.siottt no more sleepover.skang i nak tdo ivy jer la!katil besar!