Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Can't wait for November!

Mama has booked her tic for my graduation but unfortunately Papa is not coming since he has conference during the week and exams the week before.Im quite frustrated because Papa wont be around.I asked Papa earlier,will he manage on his own while Mama is here.He said,"Oh,I just lend her to you for only 11 days then she has to go home!".Lol.In the other hand,Mama has to prepare 2 weeks of his clothes including the pyjamas and work clothes while she's away.Having perfectionist dad who wants his clothes including pyjamas to be ironed is really tough for mama.Since Mama had breast cancer and she is not capable to iron plus we don't hire maid at home,mama sends their clothes to laundry every 2 days.

Nevertheless,Im thankful for having Mama on my conferring day,InsyaAllah.Yes,we (Mama and I)didn't manage to pursuade Papa to leave his job,exams to join us this November.So our hopes to make hole in his pocket for shopping in Paris musnah!Papa loves me.He promised to come visiting me sometimes next year and offered me flight tix to go home.Heee.By the way,I guess London will be better place for me and mama to have our bonding session.I booked our tix.Atleast we can lingering around London and visit Aliaa.

I sound excited didnt I?Definitely!It has been 1 year and 2 weeks since I left.I can't wait to hug and kiss Mama.Of course,I wish Papa is able to come.I miss his perfumes smell.I miss to hug him.I miss to watch movie with him and ketuk him to buy me this and that.I miss three of us sitting infront of our small garden and have cup of coffee after Isya'.

To my dearest cousins who innitially wanted to come,jgn jealous Umi is coming.You guys pegi la sekolah ok?