Thursday, 3 September 2009

Boo Hoo

Boo Hoo.Im all wrapped up since morning except around 4pm i took my shower and solat.Gosh.I have been so lazy than usual.The internet connection sucks big time.Ya Allah,what kind of words i used!Mcm tak puasa I nie!Noooo.I am fasting except last week i had 1 week period.Alhamdulilah im back on track last sunday.I was really looking forward to fast as soon as possible.

Back then, I always made an excuse.Konon period 2 weeks and extended it more.At times i couldnt imagine myself years ago.I skipped alot.I couldnt count how many days I fast.I remember when i was 15,I ate at Dome and bought Coffee Bean at klcc in public during the ramadhan month.Then I purposely ate in public by going to goodie place to eat.I did it every year since high school.Mcdonald would be the greatest choice to tapau.Grew up as rebellious city girl made me do-what-ever-i-want without realising the dosa i've made.Well papa and mama have no idea but mum can smelled my misbehave.Alhamdulillah,now i realised and hope to get the keberkatan from Allah di bulan yang mulia ini.

Btw,The girlfriends are going out tomorrow (Friday) for buka puasa session.Haaaa.I am so jealous.I nak nangis ok.Pls eat my portion ok girls.I miss to makan-makan with u all even if its not Ramadhan.Eeeeeeeeeyyy,tak suka la rindu rindu nie and makan-makan.I chop u all later when i come back!Oh yea,thanks for writing on my wall and making me JEALOUS smp hari ni.Aysha,jgn buat ayat sweet makan ikea will not be the same w.o me.Hahaha. ♥ u girls to the bits!

The mak ciks i miss most.