Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Mama oh Mama

As i was talking to Mama regarding my upcoming graduation,she was whining about her denim.I was laughing while having the conversation.

Mama: "Adik,I think I need to buy new jeans before going to Dublin..."

Me:"Whaattttt?You have zillions of jeans la Ma.You don't need to buy new one.You might want to consider to shop new jeans here.."

Then she paused.

Mama:"I can't even fit any of my jeans.Even I took Papa's,still I don't fit his.All my levis are dump in my closet because it didn't fit me perfectly..

Me:"Maaaa,I thought its Ramadhan.You should have lost weight atleast 1kg..Kata makan roti jer everyday!"

Mama:"Entah la..I think I have expanded since puasa...I wear slacks everytime I go out and few of my jeans which stretchable.."

Papa who just came back from surau interrupted,

Papa:"Mama eats roti plus nasi dagang plus nasi kerabu everyday,thats why she put on weight since puasa.."


She has made me laughed and teased her.Poor mama.Papa and I always asked her to register herself at gym because the gym is next to her workplace but she refused.Mama used to weight 36 kgs before she got married to papa.I even can't fit in her kebaya.Now she wears size 16 and can u imagine from a very petite woman,she turned to that size.I can't imagine myself in the same time.If now i am 56 kg(sgt chubby),later after 20 years,is it possible to reach 100kg.Omg.SCARYYYYnyer!

I love u Mama no matter what!




S u H a I d A said...

56 kg??tak kan la..tak macm pun...=S