Friday, 18 September 2009

Ramadhan Al Mubarak

Here i am,blogging while eating my last berbuka at home because tomorrow i'll be at Fairy's house to have cooking session with the bunch.Ramadhan has finally come to an end.Rasa mcm baru jer berpuasa indeed it feels like baru jer bersahur.Alhamdulillah,it went well.I had my best Ramadhan this year.The best gift Allah has given to me:)

Not to mention,Allah has awarded me roomie who wakes me up every sahur and asked me to solat subuh right after bersahur.Thanks Tasha!Besides that,Allah has given me good friends who always called me up to berbuka together.Thanks Bun,Mary,Els,Fairy,Rina,Syira,Azza,Wawa,Acap & those i forgot to jot down the names,Thank you so much.

Despite fasting without loved ones,I have learnt alot through out the Ramadhan.I always moaning how hard and tough my life without my parents around,how I hate when I miss my friends so much,how I disgust restaurants over here because its not heaven as Malaysia and how I extremely dislike Dublin's wheather.

I learnt that Ramadhan is a learning process.There are lotsa of people living in hunger,poverty,love-less,lost their bestfriends,lost the family,divorced, as well as loss in everything.Those people are unfortunate but Allah has tested them.Everything happen with a good reason.It taught us to be wise and appreciate things we have now.

"Time in its aging course teaches all things"

Well,I'll update more tomorrow for my ucapan Hari Raya:)

Meal for today but im going to have big meal later!


I decided to chop the fringe again.This time around much better because I went to saloon & asked the hairstylist alter abit here and there.Tasha and I had new hair cut ok purposely for Raya!Euuwww;p