Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Yuyu's parcel finally arrived.I thought i'll be receiving a packet (means there were 5 packet of indomee inside) but it was only 1 pack of indomee in the envelope.Hahaha.I mcm WTH she sent me only 1 packet where she paid for MYR 6 stamp.Then i realised how sweet she is because I keep on saying to her "I mengidam indomee laaaa".Ya Allah,Im such a bad friend.She has made an effort to send all the way.

Thank you yayangs.I really loved the effort.Tak sampai hati nak makan because Im touched.You such a sweetheart.Thanksssss again.I ♥ u sgt sgt.Sayang awak!Awak paling termuah la.The thoughts that counts ok yang and stop calling me geds because saya tak geds!

Presenting the indomee i mengidam sgt.I mengidam gel indomee at Bestari, hartamas.Sedapp woo!Anyways,mama said my baju raya tak de tailor nak amik even she asked salikin sidek and few tailors near by.Pity me!I wanted so much to wear the cream lace.Tak de rezeki:( May be next raya.Raya haji perhaps.



yuyu aziz said...
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yuyu aziz said...

*typo.. entah ape aku pikir time tu...
why i sent ONE? there's an article i baca waktu zaman2 irc dulu (article tu i jumpe when browsong the net la kan? a single rose means much more than a dozen ;)then you'll cherish and appreciate it coz it's the only one you have... ;)

saya memang sweet. saya tahu. bye.