Saturday, 12 September 2009

1st attempt :)

Finally I managed to bake Kuih Bakar for the 1st time in my entire life.I have been mengidam since 1st Ramadhan.It was my 1st attempt.I didn't put sesame seed since the girls prefer plain kuih bakar.Thanks to Anabella for the recipe.Glad it turned out good although the shape was not that perfect:)

I'll improvised it later.Eyyyy know what,I was so excited to bake until i neglected the main dish consist of Nasi Lemak,Sotong goreng tepung,Ayam berempah,ikan bilis,telur rebus & sambal.Sorry guys.

Had iftar with Acap,Bun,Els,Zils,Bagak & Mary.They loved the kuih bakar:)
So we had good times makan-makan and cathing up.Later then,Els made Teh tarik and they stayed until sahur.Can't stop laughing and teasing each other.Acap,Els and Bun are going back for raya hols next week.

Anyway,Acap is getting engaged soon after raya with Mast(his long last gf).This mamat i have known back in Uitm sgt close and otak sgt giler pls.We were in the same class,same Hoo-Haa group,and we shared lotsa secrets.Haha.I only can gigit jari*pfft* looking at my group of friends one by one decided to end their single life.Padan muka I ok:p


Yeay!my fedex arrived yesterday.I shall sort it by now!Taa lovies!


afandiyusof said...

U...jgn lupe bisnes kite...i nak jual kt student2 i nnti....

Akmaelinda said...

ok sir fandi!

nnt kita buat business ok!jual kat ur student:))