Monday, 28 September 2009

Hugs and Kisses

Short conversation with Fiza Babe arnd 12 am (Dublin time) & 7am (Malaysian time).

Me:Hello,goshhhh,u still sleeping while u r getting engaged in few hours!

Fiza:Aaaa,I slept late yesterday..The event starts in the evening*Blur*

Me:Hahahah.U kenal tak sapa ni..Omg,can't believe it.Youuuuu are no longer single.

Fiza:I tau,I tau.Its u Akmaaaaaa..*Blur*


Me:What time Nor is coming?Alaaa so sad im not there to celebrate it.Yada Yada.(Asking her the make up,the dress and the guests and stuff)

Me:Ok babe,I have to go now.Congrats on ur engagement.Im pretty sure u are so excited and will definitely look fab!Im happy for u and Isk.Pls upload pictures ok!

Fiza:Thanks babe,I love youuuuuuu ok.Take care!

and yes

The engagement was beautifully done.It was held at Fiza's.I admired the costume she wore,the make up,dais,decoration and the atmosphere of kenduriiiiiiiiiiiiii where everyone will gather plus pok pek here & there.Everything was blend.

I felt sorry and guilty when i didn't manage to attend my good friend's big day.For instance Syikin(we were closed since 10).To Fiza babe,u looked fab.Undeniable!InsyaAllah,once im back,we'll lingering around and of course 3 of us will become bonzai again.Another wedding i will miss out are Che in & Shakey(held this weekend) and tadika friends(Nazmin & T.Amir).

What I’m trying to justify is that don’t take your friends for granted, because friendship needs to be cultivated and without effort, it will fade away. Even if you’re miles apart.Im grateful to have amazing and wonderful friends although we are miles away.Sincerity is the best policy to retain the friendship:)

Isk & Ijah @ fiza aka my bonzai gf!

The siblings

Presenting the bonzai who finally became Iskandar's Fiance'.Ok butterflies blakang tu i kenal!it was my gift years years back.Auuuww.