Sunday, 6 September 2009

Chilling at Chill Dara

Due to everyone is going back for raya,we went for shop seeing on weekends before Bun and Els going back for 2 weeks raya holidays.Pfft*jealousy expression*

So we decided to tremble our broken wallets all the way to Kildare Village (chill dara).We took train since it was last min plan.It took us 45 mins in the train which cost 20 euros and bus to the outlet.

We arrived around 2 pm and waaalaaaa..The outcomes not too bad.Innitially we were sticking to each other from one shop to another shop.After an hour 4 of us splitted.I wasn't in the mood of shopping but it turned the other way round.Haha.

I bought top & accesories at Monsoon,Cath Kidson manicure set,shirt at Ted Baker and the black-mules shoes from LK Bennett.Atleast its worth of going there for 20 euros tic..Els bought herself super expensive hair roller dryer while Bun got herself tops(banyak ok) from RL & Monsoon and LK Bennett shoes.Guess who actually spent alot and spent 1 hour by starring at Anya Hindamarch bag?Its Mary!Gosh her new-Anya gorj pls.Ok bye la kan.I don't afford the bag.I only afford to touch it.

Btw, Mary and I were eye-ing on Bally white shoes which is too expensive for me especially.Hello,like-no-way to buy it.LK Bennett bole la.Way too cheap ok!

Happy Mary because she had Anya and Cik Peace Waed

Els usual pose and org penat berpuasa me!

Anyaaaaa in my dream but in Mary's closet.


The result of Els'new hair roller.Pls say i looked old innit.I can't bear the straighten hair.



Ashikin said...

Aduhhhh veey tempting la. Idaman aku la jugak anya. Tp kt sini very the expensive k! Doakan jd dato x pon ada org wasiatkn harta kt aku. Nk belanje ko anya 2 biji pon xde hal. Lol. Ala ko dh ada baby gucc! Xpyh nk envy dulu. At least before blk try la beli. Lol. Btw new layout ni cantekla yang. Muahhh love u.

Ashikin said...

Cik el, ur new hair didint make u look old pon. Nampak ladylike la. Once dh keje buat rambot gini k.

Akmaelinda said...

Anya tu mahal eventhough dah discount.aku mmg tak mampu.gigit jari jer la.alaaa Gucci tu aku tak pkai lagi.main hentam jer aku dgn layout nie.hhaa.dah keja aku nak lagi curl so that i look younger!lols

love u totttttttttts♥