Sunday, 20 September 2009

Selamat Hari Raya


Just fin cooking at Fairy's.We started the session around 2pm and ended at 12am.10 hours of cooking with girls and Nuar.Goshhh.Lembik giler ok!This year we had 7 main dishes consist of lontong,rendang ayam,rendang daging,soto,nasi dagang,gulai ikan,kuah kacang and not least kuih bakar.

Glad it turned our perfect!Can't wait to eat everything yg sgt tempting.Perhaps,I shall start to Puasa Enam on Monday.The main dishes contained santan yg super byk.Despite with all the food ,I am really excited to visit friend's place tomorrow after solat Aidilfitri at Malaysian Hall.

I had short conversation with Papa and Mama while they are on their back to Melaka.I managed not to cry because I was really exhausted and tak nak spoil their mood too.Besides that,my uncle & cousins are in Perak now celebrating the festive with Tok.We managed to speak for a while since everyone were in hurry to mosque.

As for me,although this is my 3rd year beraya without loved ones,I am still in the mood and cooked Nasi Dagang,Gulai ikan and Kuih bakar to spice up the festive.Thanks to those who sent me smses which im truly sorry i haven't got time to reply.

the girls who all the way kaypooh in the kitchen + Nuar(Serene's hubby)

Serene who helped me to cook the gulai and baked the kuih bakar which innitially i forgot to put the santan(HAHAHA;p).She cooked soto.

All time favourite babe.Poor fairy.She has class on raya:(

Nasi Dagang

Gulai Ikan

Acar timun & nenas

and ,

Kuih Bakar


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri,Maaf zahir & batin.

To my precious,irreplaceable ayanda bonda,loving family and dearest friends.

Akmaelinda yg jauh di perantauan.Uwaaaaa:(


capik said...

nice blog... selamat hari raya aidilfitriii