Friday, 28 August 2009

Alhamdulillah after 2 years we didnt speak to each other,i managed to speak to my youngest uncle on YM.It has been an ages since we spoke and sit together.Uda is my dearest favourite uncle besides cik yus..We were so closed like a boyfriend and girlfriend.We shared so many secrets and he is 3 years older than me.Currently he is married and the wife is my age.She just gave birth to little girl named Nur Amani Iman.I ignored him for years since we had big fight.Syukur,he came back to me and apologized for the conflict we had before.I admit myself been very ego when comes to family matters.I really hope this Ramadhan and Syawal will bring back everyone together.I miss my dearest fun and loving family.All under one roof consist of (Tok,Papa,Mama,Cik Ja,Cik Yus,Ayah Cik,Mak Cik,Uda,Busu,Teh,Pak Teh and also bimbos not so little cousins).In fact,we love each other so much!

and Uda,
Adik rinduuuuuu Uda sgt.Adik rindu nak hang out together with u like brother & sister!Just like old times.Congrats on your new born baby.I love u Uncle!

Sending loves to everyone on 8th Ramadhan.
Semoga Allah memberi keberkatan kepada kita semua.Amin.


Ashikin said...

akma, uda ni uncle ko yang dulu keje kan genting tu kan kan kan?

Akmaelinda said...

aah.dier yg dlu keja kat genting.ouchh,ko ingat.sweetnyer ko!dier dah jadi manager hotel 1st world.dier ckp rmai budak melayu kena kantoi dot dot kat genting!hahaha;p