Sunday, 16 August 2009

Hair-oh hair

After a lil while,i decided to chop off my long frizzy hair.The hair really annoyed me.Thank god,DIY saloon at home saved me to fork out 30 euros.Thanks to Elina for being patience while cutting and sorted the tangles.Having a curl hair is not easy.I have to put extra effort and time to make sure the curl maintain.There is no cheap saloon in Dublin though!Well,the hair shorts by 3 inch long and the bangs made me diff than before.Atleast i didn't straighten my hair!Hahaha;p
Cant wait to show mom and dad.Papa will definitely loves it because he always complains about my messi-ness!




Short and manageable!

p/s:im going to do new hair-do later!rebond perhaps?Yikes.Haha;p