Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Thank you Bestie ♥

Thanks a mil Dear eventhough its only a quick call.I am thankful to have u as a place to rely on when im so vulnerable and good listener.Can't wait to be home and rocking around with u plus the sleepover.Again,thanks alot for the free heart-to-heart talk even we are miles away.Alhamdulillah im relieved now.

I miss u so much,

from my bottom of my heart.

p/s:my mom tanya you biler nak kawen?i said soon.ouch.


aysha said...

no problem syg..im always here for u...u pls take care n pray harder...trust me ething will be fine soon...happiness is for everyone..its just the matter of time...

hahhaha..u tell ur mum i tgu u kawin dlu..haha..send my regards to ur parents k..

luv u...