Friday, 21 August 2009

Something always brings me back to you
It never takes too long
No matter what i say or do
Still feel u here till the moment im gone

Occasionally,he always came into my dreams even i tried to erase him for my whole entire life.Yes,i have made a promise to myself not to reminisce him and ignored the feelings.I failed to do so.Even i took a step to get over him,still,he's inside me.Excuse me,this might sounds how idiot and pathetic i am to deal with previous relationship but its the fact i went through everyday in my life.We grew up,learnt and went every phase of life together.I've seen him for years.As far as i remember i knew him since im 12.No,he wasnt my first love but he was the one i revealed my true colors especially my temper.

He was my best friend although we argued alot,we shared same passion (interior architecture),we loved to food fight,we teased each other,we made fun of one and another,we compliments each other whereby i often ditch him off by saying u poyo la and he likes pink.Its true,cancer wouldnt match because we have same bloody hot temper.To this extend,i admit myself still can't cease him even i tried to move on because i feel there are partition between us or maybe some kind of fishy feelings.Its just the matter of time to cure and yes i am a person who take length of time to forget.I pray to Allah,one day when i wake up in the morning,the memories gone and i will not even memorise who was him in my past.No,i don't hate him its just i demand new life after all.amin.