Thursday, 6 August 2009


I have been missing my dolls back home.Currently jadi display inside my room which make me pissed off because cousins suka pegang2..Pfft.The Dolls used to be my bestest company to play with.Did i sound mcm tak grown up?Haha.I am indeed.My dolls mostly are porcelain and bought it in Great Eastern mall.If u come across KLCC,Mid ke apa,they sell it mahal but the price i got at GEM murah!Way toooo cheap!I named every of them.What I fancy most about dolls is the way they dressed up especially english dolls.My parents been really supportive with my interest but recently since i moved to Dublin,I didnt buy any.I went online to check on and found those with good bargain from US.should i buyyyyyyyyyy?

Comel pls with the bed
On the couch lagi okaayyy
White lace wedding dress.


This cute lil boy mcm nak cubit the cheek.Adorable but i definitely wont buy it.

Check out Etsy.Online shop yg uber cool!