Sunday, 2 August 2009

Happy Birthday

Comel gel!
Yesterday i was soooo homesick.I sent mama an sms.Mengadanyer I pls!She rang me 5 am in the morn.She told she was so bz attending weddings and doing her stuff which is shopping.Mama and Papa went to Tan sri Khalid's Yunus house for wedding last night.Papa happened to be representative for groom's side.Lawak pls!Pity Papa,if only he had a son,he must be the one yg excited pegi meminang.Hahaha;p

Anyway,Budak kecik i hate most celebrating her 3rd birthday today.Papa bought her set of Barbie and bears.Benciiiiiiii pls.She got pink bicycle last year on her 2nd.Ok,im jealoussssssssssss.She is papa's kesayangan.I know i shouldnt bring up the issue when cousin got pressie but who can tahan when she's so mengada with my own dad.Irrelevant kan?Im off to bbq.Theme:pink.ohhhhh please!I have to dig my closet now.

Happy 3rd Birthday Hanis.U know how much kakak hates u and misses u!So be prepared to be cubit and bully!Kakak thinks u r wayy to gedik.Dream on to be the cutest.Hahaha:pp


Your evil sister

*sorry im being witch when comes to her!lols*