Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Bobo is getting slimmer.Shooott.I am super jealous seeing him shrinking.Had catch-up session with Shira,Wa and Bo at Bewleys,then dinner at chinese restaurant and ended shisha-ing which i don't really fancy at Dublin 1.Gosh.Oh bittersweet Monday.I thought of going for window shopping but i forbid myself to do so.

Ramadhan is just around the corner.This will be my 3rd Ramadhan in Dublin.Looking forward to fast and obtain keberkatan from Allah.There are few things i really hope to change during the ramadhan.Things which i intended to do before.InsyaAllah.

Anyways,Elina has finally became affliates.She reminds me of Hazlind and Aida when they passed their ACCA at the age 21.Congrats Clown!She knocked my door in the morning and told me she passed her final papers.Syukur,she deserved it.

I have been thinking of doing masters instead of acca.I feel teaching would be my future career instead of working my ass in the firm.I havent decide yet what is next.I shall discuss again with papa and mama because i need their financial support.Scholarship will be next option but which institution would support during the recession even seeking for accounts job in Dublin is freaking hard.

Everything happened with a good reason.I really hope there will be a path for me to walk.I have been going through distressful situation recently.Relationships,life,friends really overturned me.Lets keep it rather than writing in the blog.I have to deal every bit with patience and stay strong.After all,i have to be optimistic.Life is learning process.

"Come on Akma!You have to grow up!"


Bobo slim kannn?

Pok peks mak ciks!

Tamil hero,Bobo;p


Thats it.Too much of blabbing.