Tuesday, 11 August 2009


A handbag literally became a best friend to every women especially if u see the sign above.Gosh.I went mad too even i realise the fact my pocket is broken.If u ask urself,why shall u buy designer's handbag,the answer is satisfaction.Even it will cost da bomb,im telling u its worth every penny to the last.Some women choose to buy immitation and some will prefer to buy similar to the bag but hey its up to individual.Put aside the i-wanna-show-off everyone in this world i bought designer's handbag but the pride of wearing it.I always admire women who wear gorgeous handbag.The way they carry it oh-please-i-love-it.When i was form 1,mom bought me Vincci handbag which cost RM69 but my best friend,Syikin wore Guess in the same time.I was envy.Hell,i-want-that-too mom.Later,I started to wear Seed,Padini,Roxy,Elle,MNG then i finally got my Guess handbag.At that time,Guess was boom to every girls in the school.We were like competing who brought paperbags(showing off) to school.It was funny.I did it too.I compete too.What a shame kan but high school always you-tell-me-what-u-have!

Hypothetically,its all about brand don't u think.I saw budak sekolah wears 9west to school.They are more advanced than us and even some of them had own Louis Vuition,Gucci,Fendi.Named it girl!There were times when i asked dad to buy me 9west bag,he was making jokes saying "org dulu-dulu pkai beg raga jer".LMAO.At the end,he bought me after all the jokes.Thats about it.If we are born to be-lavish-girl-in-this-world,it doesnt matter to wear such brands.Money is everything!

nak berangan what bag to ask lagi!Hahah.No way.Cross finger.


Ashikin said...

aku nak gelakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. hahahahahaha lol. kelakar kan time skola!

Akmaelinda said...

u inspired me alot!ko sgt grand pls yang!hahaha;p

lawak and lawak:))

Nanie M. Ali said...

Budak2 sekarang dah advance dik oi. Tak mcm kita dulu2 :P

Akmaelinda said...

yes kak nanie.

kiter dlu pkai vincci jer:p