Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Talking about wedding

pictures taken from bestie's wedding ♥
(Dais by Nas Great Idea and outfit by Man Kajang)

I have been blog hopping from one blog to another blog.Amazingly there are numerous of wedding blogs.Fuh;p.It makes me terrorize looking at how complex the wedding preparation to the bride especially. There are so many things to do and think.Getting married aint easy kan?After all is about the contentment.The money u have to bear is like paying college fees.Imagine it will cost roughly MYR 40K-100K or maybe more.Ok pening pls.How the hell im going to prepare for that sum of $$$?The cost including dais,food,dresses,flowers and all wedding neccesities.Duit bole dicari kan?Another best friend is getting engaged soon in March 2010.Salihin's wedding will be in October.Sorry bro,i missed ur big day.Syukur Alhamdulillah,everyone has found true destiny.I will be attending more weddings in future.


Congratulations and big hug to dearest pink sister Sheeren Nisa'.All the best with the marriage.Sheereen has been dating for 8 years with Iwan.Besides that,my bonzai girlfriend Hafizah Nazaruddin begging me(ok sound exaggerating)to come home for her wedding in December.Babe,if only i have private jet,i'll be there for u to share the happy-sad moment with ur Rizalman's wedding dress.Sorry i dah pecah ur secret inside my blog.Please don't kill Nor for letting me know ur secret!I ♥ u and Nor millions!

My bed is calling.Its 12.34 am for god sake.Havent solat yet.Thanks to Bun for the nasi goreng cili.Yummy ok!Shall sleep and dream of my wedding which will be next 10 years.Haha.Perasan pls.Single life occupied with "berangan".