Thursday, 27 August 2009

Introduction after so long!

When I first decided to publish my blog to public,I never intended to disclose my personal life to everyone.I just love writing even sometimes i laught at myself for using rotten,rojak words and jumble it into a paragraph.As far as i concerned,i started to write since 13 and i have my own blog in myspace 6 years ago.The blog was really controversial and i had big fight with one of the friends.Then I moved to blogspot in June 2007.Looking back at my previous entries,everything seemed so dull.

Well,i can't even talk about fashion because my fashion sense is really typical.I wear dresses most of the time and colourful leggings.Most of the entries are related to my daily and past life.I talked more about family,friends and relationship.The top would be my relationship and the person i often mentioned is him .I am the only child and brat in the family.I have no siblings and grew up with my loving parents.Since i was born,i never been apart from them.I still crawled inside my mom's room when i couldnt sleep.The worst thing is,I never grow older as my age.I am stuck in 4 years old lil girl attitude.Awful kan?

My life fully occupied with friends.I had friends who stabbed from the back plus not sincere,oppurtunist friends,friends who love me and care for me so much to text and call.Syukur,I surrounded with beautiful hearts and keep the friendship for decades even we are miles away.You can't buy the friendship!I love the effort to keep the friendship alive ♥.That is the reason my friends names and pictures often published in my blog.Oh Please this is not promoting purposes!

Some may find my relationship entries as lame because I couldnt get over him after so long.I am truly sorry.The 5 years relationship left big impact inside.Imagine,I had crush on him since 12 and after that we were together for 5 years.Thats too long isnt it?Even when i started to date and went out with others,i still can't get rid of him.I didn't purposely write about him to raise a sympathy or expect him to read and we will get back together.Its just the way to let it out.No,he didnt know i have my own blog where everything i poured inside. A friend of mine made a jokes of my sad story by saying "Your love story can be next Pangako Sayo (philipino's series).LMAO.I have gone through thick and thin,ups and down and black and white with him.I am fixing myself from thinking all over my past.Currently,I have no intention to date anyone until i fully recovered.L letter is overwhelmed!

From colourful braces and cheeky girl,

I turned to proper adult with the same childish character

So hello world.This is my blog!A girl who enjoyed drinking Butlers mocha everyday,reading fiction books and loves dolls.

Its 4.40am,7th ramadhan,1430Hijrah.
Widely awake.Boo.


Anonymous said...

are u sure he who shouldnt be mentioned didnt know about ur blog dear? ;)

Akmaelinda said...

i guess so..