Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Celebrate Love

Dear Papa and Mama,

Happy 27th Anniversary.I am grateful to have both of u throughout my 24 years of living.You both are amazing parents and instilled in me moral values and respect for people that money cannot buy. Sorry for all those things u never taught which are all bad things are purely my own flaws.Pa,you are my strength,boyfriend and consult me in everything (aqidah to be precised). Ma,you made life is so dearest to have u as my best friend,sister and shopping partner(because u have to fork out your cash).You both have enlighten me the meaning of love.

and of course

Love brought you together as husband and wife,
And gave each of you a best friend for life


Your product after all these years,

Miserable,clumsy,gedik,problematic,cry-baby,wasted all cash,rebellious,stubborn,talk-too-much



aysha said...

happy anniversary to ur parents!!

Ashikin said...

happy anniversary uncle aunty yg romantic n slalu dan setiap masa datingggggggg, berdua senantiasaaaaaaaaaa!

Akmaelinda said...

aysha:thanks on behalf my parents!

ashikin:biler aku balik nnt,tak der la nak romantic!thanks kin:P